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Brent Deschler said

I realize that some readers (?) might feel that I am beating the same old “Dead Horse” and they would be right on. It is very difficult to ignore the very substandard conditions that Dimmick, Barnes and Zimmer Roads have been in for several years.

These roads provide drivers from different townships, villages, hamlets, etc. a “short-cut” if you will to Breezy Point, Knights Creek Road and to Allentown and route 417, not to mention that yes, real live taxpaying individuals reside on properties bordering these said roads. It is very frustrating on those with any hint of a central nervous system or suffer ther continued damages to the undercarriage of their vehicles that are subjected to the multitude of severe potholes and washouts that permeate these subject roadways.

I am sure Mr. Rung has his fans on the macadam roads and of course those who receive focused efforts by the “super” to assure a solid voting base. He, through the negligence of his duties to serve the “entire township” he is accounable realizes all to well that his campagining for re-election on the 3 roads mentioned above is fruitless, but he worries not about the minority voters and those, because they own primary properties elsewhere in the state are ineligible to cast a vote…EVEN THO’ THEIR TAX DOLLAR GOES TO THE IMPROVEMENTS OF THE TOWNSHIP OF WIRT! There is something sadly askew with the position of town supervisor, town board and specifically the position of town superintendent when the person(s) voted to do the job (1) is not knowledgable of the job requirements (2) is, but does not give a rip (3) Sees oneself above supervision (4) Fully realizes that raises can be easily obtained by threats of resignation. This is a sad reflection on anyone who has their constitiuents in the township to represent and sufficiently spend their inflated tax dollar. I have read the past NYS Conptrollers Audit by Mr. Thomas P. DiNapoli from the Division of Local Government and School Accountability which I believe is speaking of a former township superintendant and town clerk.

Am I to believe we are doing any better with the present Town Supervisor or is it due to inability, carelessness, parciallity, good old boy relationships or that no one knows the meaning of “job performance,” mutual respect, or a job worth doing is doing it well?
The good Lord knows that small townships do not have to lead to small thinking and doing. Please smell the coffee….or rose…or hot oil and chipping of subject roadways. Of course a “super” must himself know how to grade and birm, and expect the same duties of his subordinates. Pot holes filled with dirt and a few stones are a sure washout when it rains or a vehicle hits it just right….WAKE UP PEOPLE…do we have to slide down the slippery slope that Washington has provided too? Save your beautiful little township as would your ancestors. I would like to be assured that this is open to the public and not merely ignored like the roadwork I speak of….


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