Willoughby’s Furniture & Gifts offers a unique selection of country style gifts and decor.Willoughby’s Furniture & Gifts came to me needing an ecommerce site that reflected their unique product selection.

While reviewing competitors’ sites I came to the realization that nearly all sites that catered to this type of product line were downright unusable, dark and drab. So, using the product selection Willoughby’s offered I created this design that compliments the style well, but enhances the experience to reflect the in-store shopping environment.

More important is that it is usable. Finding products is easy. Product pages offer all the details and options up front. The only promotional items are located on the home page with featured items and new arrivals. It’s simple and focused on the products and the task of buying those products. Social features were integrated using facebook’s comments plugin, which don’t require users to be a member of facebook to comment.

I’d love to hear what you think in the comments. And check out the site at http://www.willoughbysgifts.com.



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I create usable, accessible, and colorful experiences.