A sampling of my work. Oooh. See the color.



Willoughby’s Furniture & Gifts offers a unique selection of country style gifts and decor.Willoughby’s Furniture & Gifts came to me needing an ecommerce site that reflected their unique product selection. While reviewing competitors’ sites I came to the realization that nearly all sites that catered to this type of product line were downright unusable, dark and drab. So, [...]

BwanaJim.com Redesign


The redesigned BwanaJim.com uses a livelier color pallet that compliments Bwana’s personality. Behind the scenes, everything was re-coded using HTML5 and some CSS3 elements.

Human Touch Initiative


The organization provides integrative therapies to those whom have cancer diagnosis. The site provides news and information to find service providers, apply for services and make donations. Color played an important role in the site, aimed at setting a relaxed, hopeful and tranquil mood. Visit www.humantouchinitiative.org



Assignments, documents, media and discussion for students.

Lea Is Gluten Free.com


Stories of living with Celiac.

When In Wirt.com


What happens when someone wishes to speak up over incompetence in a small rural town?


What does Ryan Keiser do?

I create usable, accessible, and colorful experiences.